Tipico: Collect A Deposit Bonus Of Up To 100 Euro

Tipico: Collect A Deposit Bonus Of Up To 100 Euro

In recent years, hardly any bookmaker in Germany has shaped the market as much as Tipico. Sports betting has been available here since 2004, and the customer base has grown enormously in the meantime. Sensit excites with the Bookie for example the welcome bonus for the first deposit, with which a bonus amount of up to 100 euro can be retracted.

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Double deposit with the tradition bookmaker

Reward the customers of the bookmaker for their first deposit on the betting account. An amount of at least ten euro must be deposited, since otherwise no bonus is spent by the bet offerer. At the same time it is worthwhile itself however 100 euro or more into the hand to take, in order to activate so the maximum bonus amount of likewise 100 euro.

Credited this is immediately together with the deposit, so that 100 euro deposit would result in a starting assets of 200 euro. So that this money can then also be paid out, the deposit and the bonus must be converted together altogether three times with a quota of 2.00 or higher.

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