Comdirect Bank Offers Protect Reverse Convertible Bond On Wirecard With 11% Interest Rate

Comdirect Bank Offers Protect Reverse Convertible Bond On Wirecard With 11% Interest Rate

Currently, customers of comdirect Bank are being offered a reverse convertible bond with all Protect features on the Wirecard company. Those who decide in favor of the bond benefit in any case from the fact that they can achieve an interest rate of 11% p.a. on the invested money. The barrier is 80% of the starting level.

Opportunities and risks of the Wirecard bond

The bond is issued by Commerzbank and can be subscribed by comdirect Bank customers. It has a fixed coupon of 11% interest p.a.. It should be noted that the bond has a maturity of 12 months. The barrier is 80% of the starting level. It is important to note that the barrier is only observed on the valuation date. This has been defined as 15 May 2020. From a sum of EUR 1,000 per bond, this can be subscribed at a fixed price of 100%. It should be mentioned that the entire bond can be traded very flexibly. This means that the bond can be sold on a daily basis. The complete investment capital is not protected with this bond. This means that if the price of the Wirecard share falls below the barrier or touches it on May 15, 2020, the investor does not receive his money back, but instead receives the shares from Wirecard booked into his securities account in the amount of the investment sum. In the worst case, it is possible that a total loss may be incurred. During the entire term, the investment is exposed to the risks of the market. For investors, this means, for example, that the share price can change. It is also possible that the interest rate level may change and negatively affect the value of the share. The investor also bears the so-called issuer risk and the redemption risk. The current offer on the Wirecard share can be exercised until May 27, 2019.

Trading account and custody account with comdirect Bank

The customers of comdirect Bank benefit from the fact that they can keep all the necessary accounts completely with a broker. Current accounts, call money accounts as well as clearing accounts and custody accounts can all be managed in one account at comdirect Bank. This means that the complete finances are directly available after login and you can find out about sales and developments. It should be mentioned that the comdirect custody account is available free of charge for new customers for a certain period of time. It is advisable to make sure that you open a free current account before you incur any fees in the time that follows. This ensures that no account maintenance fees are charged for parallel account management with the securities account. The comdirect current account can be used for daily payments, or can also be used as a salary account, the securities account and the free clearing account for trading in securities. The comdirect Bank thus offers its customers a solid basis for their trading activities. Customers can also open a CFD trading account with the bank if they wish to trade CFDs. In comparison to many other brokers, new customers receive a discount of 50% on order costs within the first 6 months of entering trading. This is straight for new customers practically, who would like to open for the first time a depot and acquire certain shares as basis for straight.

To mention is that the commercial offer of the comdirect bank is very extensive and in the past years further was developed. That means to count also in the future on the fact is that the commercial offer of the comdirect bank is further developed. Especially in the area of funds and ETFs, the bank always offers attractive yield opportunities. In any case, the range of funds on offer is very extensive. More than 10,000 different funds can currently be acquired from comdirect Bank. In addition, there are numerous funds that can also be purchased as so-called savings investments or as Sparplan. Also very large is the range of ETFs on offer, which is significantly higher than is the case with other brokers. The broker comdirect also offers corresponding savings plans on ETF products.

A savings plan can be invested at comdirect Bank on a monthly basis from a sum of 25 euros as a savings rate. It is possible that the savings plan can be executed once a month, or every two or three months, for example. The comdirect bank also allows traders to save at higher rates. These can be handled flexibly, but must amount to at least 25 euros. The bottom line is that comdirect Bank is one of the best-known brokers in Germany offering savings plans of all kinds. The savings plans can be concluded on numerous funds as well as on numerous ETFs.

comdirect Bank Services very attractive

The comdirect Bank offers its customers a very intensive and comprehensive service. The service can be provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by customers and interested parties. Support can be provided by telephone, e-mail and live chat. The Live Chat can be opened simply and comfortably and offers numerous advantages has. While the questions are answered by an expert from comdirect Bank, it is possible to work in parallel on the Internet or research other things. comdirect Bank offers numerous services online. The administration of exemption orders, for example, can also be carried out directly via the Internet, so that the tax treatment of dividends, for example, can be clarified online. Releases of transfers or transactions are controlled via the photoTan procedure. For this purpose, comdirect Bank offers its own app, which can be used to read a code on the homepage.