Coinroyale Experiences

Coinroyale Experiences

The online casino market is no longer quite so young, but the Bitcoin casino industry is. So far still no address could secure itself a genuine supremacy and thus is worthwhile itself definitely always a view of the different offers. That we noticed also in the case of CoinRoyale, because the offerer has a whole quantity more to offer, than it may appear at first sight perhaps. What exactly is meant by this, which strengths distinguish the provider and with which weaknesses the players may still have to struggle, we will reveal in detail in our experiences below.

Our experiences with CoinRoyale

Our experiences with CoinRoyale

Since the founding of the casino in 2013, the entire focus of the provider has been on its games in the portfolio. This means, for example, that no sports bets can be placed here or bingo games can be played. At first glance, however, this does not mean disadvantages, especially as the entire attention is focused on the casino portfolio. Payments are made exclusively with the Bitcoin, so that the regular payment options are no alternative in this case. A light criticism point is momentarily still the selection in the offer, since only seven different plays are offered. However, according to our CoinRoyale experience, customers can always rely on the fact that the games are completely fair and secure. Responsible for this is the “Provably Fair”, which allows each customer his own control of the results. A fraud or other criminal actions can therefore be completely excluded.

CoinRoyale in the check: Fraud or serious?

Who looks around for an online casino, of course, first and foremost pays attention to security. This applies to a regular casino, but of course also to a Bitcoin casino like CoinRoyale. In this regard the offerer makes a good figure after our experiences definitely. Also thereby on the market the Casino is for example already since the year 2013. In this still young industry CoinRoyale was thereby one of the first offerers at all. At the same time the casino in the last three years everything else than clumsily turned on. The circle of customers grew and also negative feedbacks to the offerer are not to be discovered. This customer satisfaction is ensured above all by the Provably Fair . This means that all games can always be tracked transparently and every player can check the outcomes. Thus it is clear that CoinRoyale works seriously and definitely has nothing to hide.

The game offer at a glance

The game offer is according to our CoinRoyale test report rather something for the “fine spirits”. Who attaches much importance to a correctly bulging selection in the Portfolio, is here rather at the wrong address. There are currently only seven games on offer, so there is still some room for improvement in the repertoire. However, the provider has at least opted for a healthy mix, so that the majority of customers can play their favourite game. Listed here as classic table games are dice, Black Jack, Baccarat, Roulette and European Roulette. In addition, video poker and a slot machine are also available. In addition, the availability of Singlehand Black Jack is already planned in the near future.

All in all, there are thus quite a few stations to discover, even if the very big attack on the industry with this variety of course can not be started. There are again plus points for the fact that the individual games can be played quite comfortably in the browser. So you don’t need to download any software. Additionally pleasant: Each game is also available in a free demo version. This does not even require opening an account, so that every visitor can simply complete a few rounds with the game chips without any problems.

Slot Games

Also still painfully missed is currently the live casino in the house CoinRoyale. With an own live dealer range the enterprise cannot serve thus yet not, which is likewise a little pity. Straight one here, where the focus lies clearly on the different table plays, would be a live range surely a mad alternative. Basically, most providers have been providing their customers with a live dealer area for quite some time anyway. Here the players can play for example Roulette, Black Jack or Poker and always rely on the game management by real dealers. In order to be able to leave a really outstanding impression in the competition, CoinRoyale in this column should add thus again.

new customer bonus: Bonus code brings up to 1 BTC additional credit

again a clearly better impression leaves in the offer of the casino after our experiences the new customer bonus. Basically it is worth thereby anyway naturally a plus point that the offerer places its customer at all a bonus in prospect. Additionally it concerns in this case in addition, in addition, still another enormously lucrative offer, which brings a bonus amount of up to 1 BTC to all new customers. The new customer bonus is paid out in the form of a deposit bonus, so that a qualifying first deposit must be made for the bonus money. There is no fixed minimum deposit amount in this case, but a deposit of at least 0.001 BTC must be made. For the new customer bonus, 100 percent of the deposit amount is then billed, so that the total amount is doubled. Important: The bonus code “WELCOMEBTC” must be entered in the account overview before the qualifying deposit can be made. Once the qualifying deposit has been processed, the bonus amount is automatically transferred to the player’s account.

After this has happened, the activation of the bonus amount can begin, because the entire bonus amount can be paid out without any problems in the further process. It is only necessary to master the turnover requirements in the bonus conditions. According to the provider, this means that the total bonus amount must be implemented 35 times in the portfolio. If, for example, a bonus amount of 1 BTC has been collected, sales of 35 BTC must first be generated before a payout can be made. Attention: A time limit of 30 days is set for this turnover. However, it should also be noted that dice, baccarat and the roulette variants do not contribute to the fulfilment of the turnover requirements. Blackjack values the stakes at 20 percent, Video Poker at 50 percent and the slot at 100 percent. In principle, the bonus conditions can therefore be described as very transparent and fair. The period of 30 days could demand one or the other player, but the requirements are not really hair-raising.

Deposit and payout: Here the Bitcoin

For the handling of the deposits and payouts at CoinRoyale exclusively the Bitcoin is available. This may not necessarily suit every player, but the transactions with the crypto currency do bring their advantages. The deposit, for example, can always be made within a few moments. Once the casino’s receiving address has been entered, the amount can in principle already be found on the player’s own account. According to our CoinRoyale experience, there are no deposit fees to worry about. The casino is also extremely pleasant with regard to the applicable limits. For the successful deposit only an amount of 0,001 BTC is needed. As soon as this amount is reached, the deposits can definitely always be made without problems. Particularly pleasant for the Highroller: A maximum deposit sum does not exist. If you like, you can also deposit 10 BTC or 50 BTC without any problems. That is to be mentioned absolutely, because not all Casinos leave their customers with such a free hand with the deposits.

Payment is made, little surprisingly, likewise with the help of the Bitcoin. That brings the well-known advantages with itself, since each player can take within shortest time its payout sum in receipt. The required minimum amount remains fixed at a sum of 0.001 BTC. A maximum amount for the payouts again does not exist. Just so once again a clear advantage over many competitors is achieved, since normally there are always limits for the payouts. This means that all players get their money’s worth, as any small and high amounts can be paid in and out.

Security and regulation: “Provably Fair” provides far-reaching security

Whoever looks around the casino’s website for the first time may be slightly surprised, because the license of a regulating authority is not to be discovered here. This is due to the fact that Bitcoin Casinos do not yet have such licenses. However, in our experience with CoinRoyale, customers do not have to worry about their own stakes and the correctness of the games. The reason for this is “Provably Fair”, because this is exactly how the correctness of the games can be proven. A clear advantage of Bitcoin Casinos over the regular competitor, because in this way every customer can easily check the games on his own. If a result should be doubted for example with the dice, thus completely simply a control can be accomplished.

A further indication for the respectable function of the enterprise is likewise in the history. The casino is active for its players already since 2013. In the young branch CoinRoyale can be called thus clearly one of the pioneers, who could discover the market enormously early for itself. This is not always a proof of quality – but in the case of CoinRoyale it is. Negative experiences have not yet become loud in the past. This means that the clientele is satisfied with the services and therefore a fraud or a rip-off can be excluded. In this case, the encryption of the data by McAfee Secure guarantees additional security. If, for example, data is entered in forms, these are completely encrypted with the help of this service and cannot be viewed by third parties.

Support and customer service: Simple solution – e-mail is available

A complete offer naturally also includes competent and reliable customer support. If a supplier is tested, support and service should always be carefully examined. According to our experience, this area is quickly checked, because we currently only offer written support by e-mail. That is to be evaluated basically with mixed feelings. A positive aspect is, of course, that the e-mail can be sent around the clock. So there is no need to pay attention to office hours or the like, which would be different with a telephone hotline, for example. In addition, there are of course no costs or fees for the e-mail. However, there are also a few small disadvantages, because the players usually have to wait a few hours for the customer service answer. Here a live chat and an e-mail would perform much better again, as the questions are answered immediately. Also not quite optimal, at least from a German point of view: Unfortunately, the requests are processed exclusively in English. So if you don’t feel so confident with the English language, you might get one or the other small problem.

You can possibly avoid this aspect by using the FAQ area. The FAQ is also only available in English, but it is worked with simple terms that are easy to understand even for foreign players. Thus the support is always guaranteed in any case. Compared to the top providers in the industry, however, there is still a lot of room for improvement. A telephone hotline or a live chat would be desirable, for example, so that your questions can be answered more quickly.

User friendliness: No restrictions noticeable

The portfolio of the casino is not exactly broad, which of course brings a few advantages in terms of user friendliness. The offer is clearly arranged and each game can be started directly on the homepage with a single click. Long loading times do not have to be accepted thereby, whereby the offerer earns itself a further plus point. However, there is room for improvement with regard to user-friendliness, as the complete website is currently only available in English and various Asian languages. At the same time, at least with regard to the appearance, there could still be some reworking, since so far only a small focus has been placed on the design. Attractive graphics are unfortunately not yet available, but of course this has no real effect on user friendliness.

Mobile App: Without download you can play mobile games

The offer of the casino is rounded off by a mobile game version according to our CoinRoyale experiences. However, this is not a native download app, but an optimized alternative in the browser. The download of a software is not necessary for the use, so that the game can be started after a few seconds in the mobile browser. Pleasant: Players do not have to pay attention to specific operating systems or storage locations. There are also no restrictions on mobile operation. The entire offering is fully available and customer support is also very easy to use. In principle, the mobile alternative can therefore be described as successful, especially as there are of course no costs or fees for use.

Result: Stable, but still air to the top

The casino’s offer can be described as stable on balance. This also works very well in principle, although there is still a lot of air above in some places. The need for improvement can be seen, for example, in the breadth of the portfolio, where only seven games are available. At the same time, there is still no dedicated live dealer area available, which is no longer necessarily powerful nowadays. However, there are also some very strong arguments for a registration. These include, for example, the lucrative new customer bonus, with which an amount of up to 1 BTC can be collected. The bonus conditions are also fair and can be fulfilled without any problems. In addition, the control and monitoring is also simple, since no excessive loading times have to be accepted and the game runs error-free. Security is also guaranteed by the “Provably Fair”. All in all, according to our CoinRoyale experience, we can definitely draw a positive overall conclusion and make a recommendation in any case.