Comdirect Bank Advertises Cominvest – Take Advantage Now And Receive Up To 500€ Premium

Comdirect Bank Advertises Cominvest – Take Advantage Now And Receive Up To 500€ Premium

Direct banks are now increasingly relying on artificial intelligence, or AI for short, when it comes to proposing financial investments to their customers. It is paid attention to the fact that the plant fits ideally to the plant behavior of the Traders. All e.g. possible funds are usually characterized and can be assigned thus in each case to simple characteristics. The trader must indicate how he wishes to invest when choosing his investment. This means, for example, that it must be stated whether the trader is more willing to take risks or more conservative. Basically, it should be noted that in the field of asset management there are now many programs and possibilities for digital investment.

A typical example of this is cominvest from comdirect Bank. The digital asset management should help to choose the appropriate investment and not have any problems to invest your money optimally. At present cominvest is advertised by the comdirect bank. This means that customers can receive a bonus if they decide to work with cominvest by 31 July 2018. In the maximum a premium of up to 500 euro can be reached.

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How does cominvest?

The investment possibilities, which are deposited with cominvest, are more than extensive. In concrete terms, this means that the entire “investment universe” comprises around 4,000 different funds. These also include so-called ETFs and ETCs, which can also be concluded. The entire portfolio is monitored automatically on each trading day. In addition, it can of course also be adapted.

Customers of comdirect Bank benefit from the fact that they can use the knowledge of comdirect Bank’s investment experts in any case and from the fact that the cominvest software naturally has a certain artificial intelligence, which helps them to find appropriate investments and to characterise and evaluate them.

The costs incurred by cominvest vary greatly. In total, they amount to 0.95 percent of the investment volume per year. The costs contain all additional expenses and also the legal value added tax. comdirect Bank’s offer is considered to be very transparent, because there are no hidden costs here, so that everything can be understood.

Which premium is currently possible when using cominvest?

Whoever decides to invest with comdirect Bank now and wants to use cominvest for this can receive different premiums depending on the investment volume. Starting from an investment volume at a value of 10.000 euro it is possible that a premium at a value of 100 euro can be collected. If you decide to invest at least 25,000 euros via cominvest, you will receive a premium of 200 euros. If you invest more than 100,000 euros, you will receive a premium of 500 euros in return.

The use of the cominvest investment form is already possible from a sum of 3,000 euros. The investment possibilities come from the entire world. Thus it is possible that for example in shares in Europe and also in the USA can be invested. Beyond that cominvest offers the possibility that also in pensions can be invested. Precious metals as well as commodities and emerging markets are also among the investment opportunities of comdirect Bank, which can be perceived via cominvest.

How can I use a custody account with comdirect Bank in an attractive way?

Customers who decide in favour of comdirect Bank can open a custody account or a current account here. Both products can be used very easily and are characterised by the fact that they can always be managed online. Anyone who has opted for the free current account of comdirect Bank automatically benefits from the fact that they can also open a free custody account with comdirect Bank. In concrete terms, this means that both accounts can always be managed in parallel and can always be used very easily. It is possible that customers will not pay any account management fees if they keep both accounts in parallel.

The comdirect Bank custody account is characterised by the fact that numerous trading opportunities can be taken advantage of. In concrete terms, this means that the bank’s customers have the opportunity, for example, to become active in the equities sector on the national market, but also on the international market. In principle, it should be noted that the shares can be traded on numerous markets and stock exchanges. In addition, comdirect Bank offers access to more than 10,000 different funds in the area of funds. These can be easily selected and traded via the Internet. ETFs are also very popular with comdirect Bank and can be selected without any problems. They are easy to trade and the range is more than extensive. Some ETFs and funds are very inexpensive. In concrete terms, this means that both products can be traded at a discount. Some funds offer a 50 or even 100% discount on the front-end load.

Savings plans can also be concluded with comdirect Bank. The customers profit here from the fact that they can perceive e.g. starting from a savings rate at a value of 25 euro the savings plan. Numerous funds as well as numerous ETFs can be used for the savings plans. It should be mentioned that comdirect Bank offers the savings plans with monthly payments but also with other intervals such as quarterly payments. This means that there is always a suitable savings plan for every type of investment.

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