Fxflat Experiences

Fxflat Experiences

In our Forex Broker Test one of course must not be missing: FXFlat. The German provider has been active on the market since 2007 and has since won many awards from renowned trade journals. Ever more female and customers open with FXFlat an account and express themselves on-line clearly for the professional offerer from Ratingen. We examined in the test, how respectable FXFlat is and with which offer approximately around Trading you can count there.

Background: so respectable is FXFlat

As one of the few offerers within the range of the trade with currencies FXFlat its enterprise seat in Germany announced. Behind the offerer for the trade with foreign exchange stands the FXFlat securities trading bank, which belongs again to the administration of an estate Heyder Kr?ger and colleagues. It was already created 1997 and is owner-led since that time. There the experts socialize themselves on fortune consultation and administration of an estate. 2007 then the project FXFlat was brought into being. The experts behind it can speak thus with right of long experience in the Business. Over various Awards that was already confirmed. Among others, the CFD Broker of the Year title was won in 2011 and 2012. It is awarded by the magazine Euro am Sonntag. In Euro am Sonntag’s broker tests in 2013, FXFlat was also ranked first in several categories, including customer service and the general website of FXFlat.

In addition to the German headquarters in Ratingen (NRW), the German Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) also regulates the seriousness of Forex Brokers. Most brokers are controlled by other European authorities, often the CySEC, based in Cyprus. Although all financial supervisory authorities within the EU have to comply with the regulations from Brussels, it can be assumed that the employees of BaFin work much more efficiently and conscientiously, which is the case with CySEC. Customers and interested traders can therefore be sure that FXFlat’s brokers are serious.

What customers say

On the Internet, too, there are plenty of positive voices about FXFlat’s business practices. Among other things it means there from experienced professionals that they would like to act in the future only still over the German broker. Fallen find above all support, seriosity and transparency, which are put by FXFlat to the day. Of course there is also negative criticism, which the broker must face. However, this often does not concern the provider as such, but the general system of currency trading. Of course, this is very risky and offers plenty of material to complain about in the end. Total losses are also possible. However, no evaluation of FXFlat should be satisfied on this basis. Even more, because FXFlat offers a bunch of trading tools that can be used to limit risk.

A further positive aspect that must be included in the customer rating of FXFlat is a special award, the FXFlat from 2013 by the trade magazine Börse am Sonntag awarded. In the area of CFD brokers, FXFlat received the readers’ award and was thus voted the best provider for trading currencies by all readers. In addition, FXFlat is socially committed and supports aid institutions in various sectors. Hut ab!

The support in the test

After FXFlat already won an award in terms of customer service, we of course expected a lot from the FCFlat test. And indeed: the customer support is first class. All the staff we had contact with during our short rehearsal were extremely friendly and helpful. Transparency and customer friendliness are the cornerstones on which the concept of FXFlat is based.

If you have any questions or problems, either visit the huge FAQ centre or contact the company directly. By telephone support, email service and even in the live Chat friendly coworkers are available around the clock. From us there is in the empiric report the highest evaluation for Kundenservice.

Our experiences

We can only follow the positive opinions. In our test we made extremely positive experiences and can say with security that FXFlat is no rip-off or fraud. In our opinion the broker is very trustworthy. We will also continue to maintain our test accounts and invest money there. The provider has German roots, but is generally very internationally oriented. We prophesy FXFlat a golden future on the German and European market approximately around CFD and foreign exchange trade.

The_offer of FXFlat

After we have clarified that FXFlat is serious, we look at the exact conditions and services. Because not all offerers of the trade with currencies, foreign exchange and CFDs have also an offer in the program, with which the registration is really worthwhile itself.

Rich types of trade

FXFlat specialized both in the Forex trade, and in CFD Trading. In addition, trading with binary options is also offered in the menu item FX Options. In our test, however, we have specialized more in the area of forex and CFD trading methods. We were very pleased with the large number of different trading types: Market, Hedged Orders, Direct Deal, Stop Orders, Scale, Limit Orders and Trailing can be applied by any user. This usually results in more transparent trading and there are more possibilities to secure your own trade and protect yourself against losses.

In addition, FXFlat offers the so-called Managed Account. Deposits and holdings are monitored and managed by a professional asset manager. In contrast to a conventional mutual fund, the trader in the managed account owns all displayed and acquired securities and not only a certain share.

Variable Leverage up to 400:1

With a leverage of 400:1, FXFlat is clearly above the offers of most competitors. However, a margin of 1% is due. If customers want to pay a lower trading fee, they only have to use less leverage. The minimum leverage can be set to 100:1, which in turn leads to a margin of only 0.25%. A successful alternative to conventional systems, as we find.

Gleich 4 Tradingsoftwares zur Auswahl

With the trading platform Metatrader 4, which is used by most professional traders, and three alternatives, FXFlat offers an impressive portfolio of different trading software. Thanks to the standard web trader, customers can directly access the trading centre from any browser and trade. In addition, the mobile trader also offers the opportunity to trade easily via mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet PCs. Finally, the flat trader offers direct market access and convinces with a comprehensive range of different financial instruments. Among other things, real-time prices are displayed there. In addition, various news and charts as well as all relevant information are available which can be used by traders. FXFlat was voted best Broker of the Year 2013 in the category Website not least because of this broad abundance. How we find: rightly so.

Deposit and_Download

The poor deposit options at FXFlat are somewhat disappointing. They do not rely on private online deposit methods. Therefore only the conventional bank transfer are offered, with which between the transfer and the credit note on on-line account a few days can pass, and the transfer by Visa and MasterCard. The security is increased thereby naturally clearly, the customer friendliness however not necessarily.

To the payout no negative aspects can be found. Within a few working days the credit will be on your own bank account. However, a payout must be less than or equal to the necessary margin requirement so that it can be applied for. FXFlat does not charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals – very fair and rather unusual on the market. Point profit for FXFlat.

Bonus and special offers

Uniform bonuses, which almost always apply, do not exist with FXFlat. The promotions change constantly. Currently there is only one bonus if 5.000 € or more are deposited. For beginners such sums are naturally very high and therefore less interesting. Then the account becomes directly a bronze account and the customer receives a deposit bonus of 2%. Starting from 10.000 € the status silver is reached, which is again remunerated with 3%. For deposited amounts starting from 25.000 € the gold status with 4% deposit bonus applies. The requirements for the conversion of the money are extremely small. In the direct comparison with competition offerers FXFlat here however altogether worse ranks.

Mit 200 Euro direkt traden

As minimum deposit FXFlat calls 200 €. Only a few months ago, 500 € were required as starting capital. From this policy however the enterprise removed itself in the meantime. The trade volume is completely freely selectable. There are no trading costs when buying and selling indices, commodities, currencies, interest CFDs and CFDs on bonds and inflation rates. The purchase and sale of equity CFDs, on the other hand, is subject to a fee.

The spreads on FXFlat are very fairly regulated. Only spreads of 0.8 points and above are offered on currencies in forex trading. With CFDs, the values start at one point. Lot sizes range between 1,000 and over 100,000 for standard lots. The cost structure is very transparent, which makes trading clearer and easier even for beginners.

Over 125 currency pairs and 8,500 CFDs

The wide range of different tradable underlyings is another point that clearly speaks in favour of FXFlat. In the meantime, more than 8,500 CFDs are offered in 25 hour trading, consisting of equities, indices, commodities and others. With regard to the different currency pairs in the Forex area, the number is constantly increasing. Meanwhile, over 125 currency pairs are being offered for trading. Among them are naturally also the most popular and largest pairs.

Webinars, seminars and much more

As already in things Kundenservice FXFlat is very broadly set up also within the range of the training further possibilities for dealers. So there is among other things a demo account, which can be used up to 30 days free of charge. straight for a risk-goer demo accounts are the perfect possibility to collect first experiences at the market without risk. In addition, there is a wide range of webinars and seminars where interested traders can continue their training at any time and learn important skills. All in all, customers receive meaningful support in optimising their risk management. Also here FXFlat can collect clearly points.

Ges Gesamtbbewertung: So good is FXFlat

Zweifelsohne the offer of the German enterprise behind FXFlat is one of the best in the comparison of brokers for Forex Trading. Customers and customers can be absolutely sure that the BaFin-regulated broker works perfectly respectably and without fraud.

And also the total offer speaks a clear language: Customer satisfaction and transparency lie in the focus. Educational opportunities, very fair cost structures and a high number of tradable CFDs make brokers extremely attractive even for professional traders. We can recommend registration to all investors with a clear conscience!


FXFlat is a positively associated term for me as a long-time customer. So far I have only had good experiences with the support as well as with the various services of this company. I can say 100% sure from my own experience that the broker is not a fraud! I closed my account with another provider to be able to create my own account with FXFlat.

written 16 months ago


Currency pairs are my passion. I’ve been trying it for a few years, but at some point it clicked and I actually made bigger profits. With FXFlat I am now for about a year and for a good half year I am very satisfied. Before it has it again and again small Nicklichkeiten, which were repaired however now. My payments flow in skilful regularity on my account. serious and reliable – so I got to know FXFlat so far. Beyond that I am pleased that there is finally a enterprise within the range of the currency trade with seat in Germany. thus my Traden creates at least also still jobs in the Federal Republic of Germany.

written before 14 months


At my previous broker I was bothered by the fact that I was only limited to a few underlyings in CFD trading. With FXFlat I now have the choice between more than 8,000 underlyings. There are also very unusual strategies possible.

written 6 months ago


I have always been a person who values high security. For this reason I decided to use FXFlat. A broker, which is regulated by the German BaFin. Here I can trust also on the German legal deposit insurance.

written 2 months ago


With Ayrex you can win not only by trading binary options, but also with a regular lottery. The 100 Euros offered as a price are a real incentive to give your all in trading.

written 2 months ago