Comdirect Presents Credit Suisse Balanced Portfolio With Value Protection To Clients – Investing Above Eur 1,000

Comdirect Presents Credit Suisse Balanced Portfolio With Value Protection To Clients – Investing Above Eur 1,000

The comdirect Bank is currently presenting its clients with a Credit Suisse product that can be subscribed with value protection. This is a fund unit with a bond component. The product is a certificate in which the fund component represents a chance of a profit and the bond component of the value protection applies.

The investment is for customers who wish to reduce the risk of loss on the one hand and, of course, take advantage of corresponding opportunities on the other. It could therefore be interesting to invest with comdirect Bank from 1,000 euros.

What opportunities does the Credit Suisse certificate offer?

Whoever decides to subscribe to the certificate participates in a broad portfolio with at least 80%. The portfolio consists of equities, bonds and gold. It should be noted that capital protection of up to 95% of the nominal amount exists at maturity, provided no extraordinary events occur.

The price on the valuation date, specifically January 10, 2024, determines which amount will be repaid when the maturity date has been reached. The term of the product can be selected between 5 and 10 years. The product can be subscribed for at a fixed price of 100%, starting at EUR 1,000 per bond. The product is currently being promoted by comdirect until 26 March 2018.

The corresponding advantages and risks are explained in a separate .pdf flyer from comdirect Bank and should be read before the product is closed.

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What other products does comdirect Bank offer its customers?

The comdirect Bank not only offers its customers bonds and certificates, but of course also corresponding shares and in any case accounts that can be used. As a customer of comdirect Bank, the free checking account can be used, which can be managed completely free of charge without conditions. Furthermore it is to be noted that to the customers of the free Girokontos also the free depot of the comdirect bank is made available. Customers, who decide for the Girokonto in combination with the depot, profit from the fact that they can lead both products in each case free of charge. Who decides only for the depot, must consider here in each case fees for the depot guidance.

What can I about the depot with the comdirect bank act?

Who trade with the comdirect bank can be used very differently. The fact is that, in addition to shares, a very large selection of funds is also available for trading. That means concretely that the comdirect bank makes approximately 10,000 different funds available for the trade. All funds offer at least a discount of 50% on the initial sales charge. With some selected funds this discount amounts even to a value of up to 100% and is thus more than attractive.

The selection of the funds is more than extensive and over 350 of these funds can even be used as a savings plan. The comdirect Bank also offers a large selection of ETFs, of which at least 200 can be used for a savings plan. With ETFs, the savings plan is executed at 1.50% of the market value.

The savings plan can be executed at comdirect Bank from a monthly sum of 25 euros. It should be noted that the customer can determine the intervals at which the savings plan is executed. There is an option to execute the savings plan every month, every two months, or every three months. A great advantage of the savings plans is that they can also be used for capital-forming benefits and are therefore in great demand among employees.

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