Lottobay Experiences

Lottobay Experiences

You play safely on lottobay, because it is an official partner of Lotto, which is therefore also state-licensed. You don’t have to be afraid of fraud or rip-off here. The lottobay test shows in the next few lines what the offer consists of in detail and which functions the customer can still access.

Our experiences at a glance

The lottobay experiences are overall extremely positive. There are a lot of points, which give a good certificate to this offerer. These include, for example, the offer that the customer can find. The offerer does not come up with a very large number at Lotterien, but those, which give it here, have it quite in itself. So there is among other things the tireless Lotto 6 from 49, Keno, the luck spiral or class lotteries. But the offer alone is of course not what brings the positive experiences. A good overall appearance also includes, for example, the certainty of being able to play safely and seriously. With lottobay this is the case, because the customer meets here a offerer, who is nationally certified and thus over each doubt sublime.

Ferner know also still the good support as well as the comfortable payment methods to please. Mobile gaming is also possible here with this provider, but without a separate app.

lottobay in the check: Fraud or serious?

Naturally, the lottery area is one of the things in gambling, where especially often fraud or seriousness are in the foreground. This is a flaw, with which the industry – and therefore also the offerers – unfortunately must live. Here already the valid license was addressed, because with lottobay it concerns a nationally licensed offerer, who belongs to the official partners of Lotto. Therefore, the customer does not have to worry about the seriousness at all. One can confidently assume that providers, which are even capped by the government, can pass every test and provide the customer with a safe, carefree gaming experience. In addition, there are one or the other additional factor that shows the player that he is dealing with an absolutely serious provider. This can often be seen from the means of payment. This is because the portfolio of providers sometimes includes big names whose image would certainly be damaged if they were to play with a dubious provider. Further characteristics are a valid certificate of the TÜV north or in addition, a Top evaluation in the context of the evaluation platform Trusted Shops.


The offer of a Lottoanbieters can come quite variously and Lotterien from the whole world contain. But why wander far away when local lotteries also have a certain appeal? Here there is among other things the Lotterie 6 from 49, the luck spiral or in addition, some class lotteries. Playgroups round off the offer here.


Playgroups are full of advantages, but can also have one or two disadvantages. One of the advantages is certainly that you have a better chance of winning, because more notes can be played. The player buys shares in a ticket. However, this also has the consequence that one must share winnings with the other participants of the play communities. At lottobay a betting community consists of a maximum of 40 players. This means that you have to share a prize with 39 other players – depending on the number of shares you buy for this pool. On lottobay, however, this pool is only available for the Lotto 6 out of 49. On the provider side, there is a clear page on which the customer can see how many rows he gets for how many shares. Of course he can use this menu to set how long the ticket should be valid or whether it should even be a subscription ticket.

Lotto 6 from 49

The Lotto 6 from 49 is by far the most popular lottery in Germany. It has been captivating lottery fans for several decades now, the drawings were broadcast live on TV until a few years ago. Although this is no longer the case, the lottery has lost none of its attractiveness. The player has to choose six lucky numbers from a total of 49 numbers. If all six lucky numbers plus the correct super number are drawn, the jackpot is considered cracked. The Super Number is the last digit of the ticket. Here at lottobay the customer can change the ticket number to his heart’s content. In addition to the normal numbers, the customer can also select special lotteries such as the spiral of luck, game 77 or Super 6 optional. The customer can either enter his favourite numbers or choose a quick tip. The number fields are selected automatically. Duration and Co. can be set as well as the day of the draw on which the ticket is to be valid. Because 6 of 49 is played not only on Saturdays, but also on Wednesdays.


The Eurojackpot is also a very popular lottery. It’s been around for a few years, the draws take place once a week (Fridays). Here it concerns to type five lucky numbers plus two euro numbers correctly. From the lucky numbers there is a selection of 50 pieces, Euro numbers are ten pieces available. What makes this lottery very popular are the permanently high jackpots. Because the minimum jackpot amounts to ten million euro with each drawing. If one does not win this, always far one increases.


The luck spiral is also a Lotterie, however here no luck numbers are pulled. It’s just a ticket number, which is assigned to the player and which he can change himself. If all numbers of the ticket number are hit here, the player wins a lifelong immediate pension of 7500 Euro per month. But the other classes also offer attractive prizes. The customer can play several ticket numbers and also take game 77 or Super 6 on the ticket. Of course, the running times can also be set here. Beyond that the customer can play also optimized notes, which can provide it higher profits.

Special actions for new customers

Special actions for new customers does not give it with lottobay unfortunately. With other providers it can happen that there are free tickets where the player gets back the money for the first ticket after registration. However, these offers are only valid if there is no prize on the ticket. These or similar offers are unfortunately not available at lottobay. However, there is still a kind of special offer. If you want to bet on the power of the stars, you can play a horoscope tip. Here the customer simply selects his star sign and then gets the possible winning numbers displayed. These horoscope tips are only available for 6 out of 49. As said, this is not an offer as such, but a nice gimmick is the horoscope tip anyway – especially for undecided tippers.

Deposit and payout

The payment methods play a very important role when considering the gambling providers. Because here decides finally, in which way the customer brings money on his play account and how he can be paid out his profits again. It is also important to show a certain diversity in order to address as large a circle of people as possible. For example, not every potential customer has a valid credit card.

The lottobay test shows that the choice of payment methods is relatively small here, but this does not represent a negative point. Because mass is not always equal to class. The payment methods can be used here well. For example, you can use PayPal to fill your account. So if you do a lot of online shopping with this payment method anyway, you can feel at home here. Beside PayPal there is also the Sofortüberweisung. In order to be able to use this payment method, the customer needs his data from online banking as well as a valid TAN. Although this is a bank transfer, it is executed in real time so that the customer has immediate access to the money. Credit cards are also available. As expected, the big two in the industry, Visa and Mastercard, are accepted. Last but not least, the customer can also have the stakes conveniently withdrawn from his account. The SEPA direct debit is also available as a payment method.

If you take a look at the FAQ, you will find information on paying out winnings there. This takes place for amounts of up to 500 euros on the gaming account. Winnings from 500 Euro upwards are transferred directly from the trustee to the customer’s bank account. Who drives in still larger profits, will have to further legitimize itself. This default seizes with profits starting from a sum of 2500 euro.

Security and regulation

The questions to the security and regulation go hand in hand with the question about the Seriosität. The answer is here nearly identical: With lottobay one can play reliably and seriously, because the offerer and its Lotterien are nationally certified. In the lower part of the website you can see the logos that prove this. Also a certificate of the TÜV north is attached. Thus the customer can be sure that here cleanly and tidily one works. Fraud and Abzocke do not exist with this offerer. If at this circumstance also only the slightest doubt would exist, then the national gambling authority would intervene with security and would impose sanctions if necessary. In addition comes the fact that it concerns here an official partner of Lotto, which is likewise a clear indication of quality.

Support and customer service

Support and customer service are important characteristics of a offerer. Because no matter how good their game offer may be – questions and problems may arise from time to time. Be it in the area of the account or in the area of the lotteries themselves. In such a case, a competent contact person must be available.

All in all lottobay offers several ways to get in contact with the support. For example this can be done via contact form or e-mail. In this way the customer can write his request comfortably in writing. In addition, there is also a free phone number. However, there are fixed times for this. From Monday to Friday the service is to be reached in the time from 9 o’clock to 18 o’clock, on Sundays in the time from 9 o’clock to 13 o’clock.

Who looks for no personal contact with the customer or wants to investigate first of all once on own fist, for that there is the very well sorted and extensive FAQ range. Here there are a quantity of questions and the pertinent answers to different topics. These range from payment transactions to account questions. Customers, who look around here intensively, will perhaps determine that they do not need the personal contact to the support at all.

User friendliness of the web page

The web page is clearly and clearly structured. Both customers and visitors will feel very comfortable here. There are no unnecessary buttons or exhausting menus, as one finds them otherwise frequently with gambling offerers. The customer quickly and easily finds the area he is looking for. The pages of the individual lotteries are also clearly and user-friendly structured, here should remain if at all only few questions open. Altogether the customer can build here on a very user friendly side, which gives in addition, prospective customers a view of what it will expect here.

Mobile App

The mobile plays should belong in the today’s time to the standard. The reasons are obvious: The customer of today would not only like to come at home PC or laptop into the benefit of the offer of lottobay. He would like to access this offer and play in peace also from on the way. Especially those who like to spontaneously play a lottery ticket but do not necessarily have access to the Internet rely on mobile applications. These are not available on lottobay. But that doesn’t mean that the customer can’t go to the start mobile anyway. Who opens the page with the browser of his mobile device will notice that the offer seems to be available as well. This mobile site would have a few advantages. The customer does not have to download a separate app and therefore does not have to worry about updates. Another advantage is that the mobile site is designed for different operating systems. This means that the customer can play in peace and it doesn’t matter whether he has an Apple iPhone or a Samsung device. The mobile pages adapt exactly to each other, so that there can be no display errors. However, it has to be noted that the provider itself doesn’t attach too much importance to this offer. Because on the web pages there is no indication that the offer is functional also with mobile devices.

Result: Very good and state-licensed offerer

The lottobay experiences promote an altogether very positive result to day. That is also due to the offer at Lotterien, from which the customer can select. There are not mass lotteries available here, but those who are there can certainly be seen. For example, there is the well-known Lotto 6 out of 49, where extras such as the spiral of luck, Game 77 or Super 6 can also be selected. But that’s not all: The provider is very serious and secure. It is an official partner of Lotto, which of course also means that providers and lotteries are state-licensed. So there will be no fraud and rip-off here. The choice of payment methods is also good. Here the customer can even enjoy the SEPA Direct Debit Scheme. By the way, payment is made by bank transfer. The customer service is also praiseworthy. There is a small criticism of the “mobile gaming” factor. Not because there is no offer, but because the provider leaves no indication that you can play mobile. But this does not reduce the great overall impression.