Broker Gkfx Promotes Online Trading Sessions

Broker Gkfx Promotes Online Trading Sessions

The online broker GKFX plays a very important role in Forex trading. Numerous traders rely on the broker based in Germany and with the corresponding deposit protection. It should be mentioned that the broker not only offers a proper regulation, but also has a proper training offer.

GKFX advertises with weekly training courses

The weekly training courses can be attended at GKFX every week on Thursday at 6 pm. At this time each week a training program starts, which the traders can take up, in order to refresh their knowledge within the range on-line Brokerage, Trading and Forex trade, or to extend however also completely. In order to participate in trading sessions, you must first register. Registration requires your first name, last name, email address and phone number. So you have the chance to participate in the webinars in any case. It should be noted that the webinars are always offered on a weekly basis. The Webinar starts in each case on Thursday at 18 o’clock and goes to 19 o’clock. Thus many Trader have the chance also under the week after closing time from at home or from on the way something within the range Brokerage and Trading to learn and their knowledge to extend.

The broker GKFX offers not only attractive Webinars and learning contents, but beyond that also a free demo account. The demo account is particularly popular with the traders, because one can participate here in the trade, without one must take a risk. This means that you can easily buy and trade products without taking any risk. It is possible that one can become acquainted with the market and also the reactions of the market within the range of the really very exciting and requested Forex Tradings. In practice, some traders opt for the free demo account of the broker GKFX, because this has the great advantage that you can quickly and easily get to know trading without losing money.

What security does the broker GKFX offer the traders?

Many Forex brokers have their headquarters outside the EU or even outside Europe and therefore the problem that traders do not trust them. Basically, this is also due to the fact that many brokers have seen in the past that they e.g. do not pay money, or suddenly disappear from the market. The lack of regulation is a big problem for many brokers and also for many traders. With GKFX it looks however differently by the company headquarters in Germany. The enterprise has its seat in Frankfurt/Main and is subject therefore naturally also to a regulation. In Germany the BaFin is responsible for the regulation of the broker GKFX. This circumstance provides for the fact that numerous customers can trust the broker and begin here with the Trading.

Grundsätzlich one can inform oneself with GKFX well about the offered regulation. In addition, there are numerous portals in which the broker GKFX has been tested and has performed positively. It is also a fact that the broker always has many service options available. Who would like to address to the broker questions, or who has for example questions to its trade account, to the trade options or to the topic Forex Trading generally, can step without large expenditure with GKFX into contact. For this purpose a Live Chat is available to the customers and prospective customers. Furthermore the telephone consultation can be noticed at the Hotline and it is likewise possible that one can step for example by email with the support into contact. A recall service is offered to the customers likewise. It is also worth paying attention to how the trading account with GKFX can be managed. This is available for example in the currencies Euro, US Dollar as well as British Pound and Swiss Franc. Deposits can be made via credit card, but also via payment service providers of all kinds as well as via traditional bank transfers. The payment is made in the same way as the deposit was made. If you deposit money by debit card or credit card, you must reckon with 1.5% in fees. A deposit is possible from a minimum amount of 50 euros, which is significantly less than is the case with many other brokers in the popular Forex segment.