Sweden: Authorities Argue With Football Federation

Sweden: Authorities Argue With Football Federation

The Swedish gaming authority Spelinspektionen currently has its hands full. New licences are still being issued for the Swedish online market, and at the same time existing providers must also be regulated. In addition, the country is currently engaged in a debate between the Gaming Authority and the Swedish Football Association. This accuses the authority of not having intervened energetically enough with a suspicion on play manipulation.

13 plays stand in the focus

The Swedish football federation has to fight at present with a fraud scandal . In concrete terms, this is probably about 13 games of Division 2 Södra Svealand, which is the fourth highest league in the country. A total of 14 amateur teams play in the competition, all from the Svealand region in central Sweden. These games are the focus of the Swedish Football Federation SvFF, as suspicious movements on the betting markets are said to have taken place before the kick-off of the games. The SvFF obviously noticed this and reported its findings to the Swedish Gaming Authority.

These results should obviously lead to the Gaming Authority blocking bets on the respective games or ensuring that they disappear from the portfolio of the betting providers. Despite the reference the authority is not to have reacted however obviously.

No legal basis for a prohibition

However why did the gambling authority not react? Exactly this question is followed up up-to-date. The authority itself announced, that one has no legal basis for it , in order to forbid bet offerers the offering of bets for individual plays or competitions. For this reason one could not have reacted at all different. The Secretary General of the Football Association, however, does not see it that way. He demands that it should in any case be possible for a responsible authority to make quick decisions in comparable cases. If this should not be in such a way, one must create the legal framework for it in the future evenly.

also without the legal basis some bet offerers in Sweden already decided to take the bets for the league concerned from the offer. To this belongs for example the national gambling offerer Svenska Spel, which would like to offer the bets on the league only then again , if the circumstances to the current case are clarified clearly. Beside Svenska Spel meanwhile also other large bookmakers deleted the league from their offer. Also because the Swedish Football Association apparently explicitly asked for this. Several betting providers report that the association turned to them and formulated a corresponding request. A speaker of the football federation explained, one hopes, that still further respectable enterprises will follow and one does not have to wait in such a way only for it, until the authorities would finally adopt an appropriate law novella.

Hot plaster amateur leagues: Risk to be reduced

Sweden is not the only country to have had manipulation scandals in amateur football in recent years. Especially the underclass leagues are often affected by these problems, as the players work and are challenged under professional conditions, but often only receive a small financial compensation. This opens the door to illegal forces, so that with small sums often millions of profits can be booked by manipulated plays. The Swedish federation would like to examine the different plays according to own statement therefore in the future still more thoroughly and to grasp suspicious movements on the betting markets faster to be able.

Abside from the discussions with the Swedish football federation has the gambling authority Spelinspektionen still a whole quantity of further things to settle . The authority explained the market as well known only few months ago for opened and has to fight therefore still with a large number at applications for a license. All applications have to be checked by the responsible authority before the license is issued in the best case. Beyond that the authority is responsible also for the regulation of the current gambling market and ensures for the fact that the offerers on the market keep all legal defaults.

Will the advertisement for gambling offers forbidden?

One of the most important topics for the gambling authorities in Sweden is a possible prohibition of gambling advertisement. In the recent past the number of gambling offers on the market has increased horrendously. This, in turn, has naturally also led to advertising by gambling companies appearing more and more frequently on television or radio. Many critics of the gambling industry find this a thorn in the side, which is why there are indeed discussions about banning gambling advertising completely in the country. The main storm against this decision is of course the gambling companies themselves, but at the same time also the media companies. On both sides horrende losses would threaten in the case of an advertising prohibition.

Decisively advanced the discussions around the advertising prohibition likewise the national offerer Svenska Spel, which communicated, it wants to do at least up to the year end without any advertisement for its offer. The other offerers on the market were encouraged by the stately representative to go this step likewise. So far however still without large success. Not least because Svenska Spel possesses naturally a few advantages in relation to the new competitors, since one could compile oneself over the last years a large number of followers. The fact that the offerer renounces thus on own advertisement, plays the competition rather into the maps . These hope to be able to lure away the players from the national Casino with intensive advertisement.